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Where The Good Things Grow

I'm back in the dirt again.

I've been spending days poking through my flower pots and visiting nearly every greenhouse in the city.  Going once, going back again.  Deciding I was "finished" and then going back for just one more because apparently I wasn't as finished as I thought I was.

I'm not even sure if I wanted to be finished - this creative processing of dreaming and planning and scheming and aiming for all things beautiful - it just can't be rushed, you know?!!

This structure happened this year - my Mother's Day gift!

I don't know what to call it. 

gazeboshe shedarborhut

For now, I seem to be in the habit of calling it "this thing".  If you have any creative ideas on that, I'm all ears.

I have a feeling that I'm a little bit weird.

Ahem.  <awkward silence from the readers>

I know there are some serious gardeners out there with a wickedly amazing eye for pots and flower beds and stunning blooms.

Me - I wanted this &quo…

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