The Amazing Other Room

I'm sitting in my backyard.
It's 1040, Sunday morning.
And I'm not in church.

So tired.
Couldn't do it.

I'm not one to miss - nor to encourage missing - but I'm sure that my "pushed to the limit" body/soul/spirit would not have absorbed anything today and so I made my decision.

Thinking about what has escaped my radar this week, this spring.
I've got through the shifts, did the Run, camped the May Long, made the YC trip and got the garden in.

But I'm sitting here in my horribly unkempt back yard that is hugely embarrassing to me -

And THIS is what I've missed:

  • I've missed the feel of the wind on my face fighting my product-laden hair, teasing it to come out and play
  • I've missed the warmth of the sun on my knees, penetrating my cozy yoga pants
  • I've missed the sound of the wind shaking the huge elm trees in my neighbor's yard
  • I've missed the smell of "outside".  Can that be bottled?
  • I've missed the "I'm cold, nope, I'm hot"
  • I've even missed taking care of my dirt and my weeds (aka, lawn)

When the first snow falls, I always feel a sense of loss - "well, there goes my OTHER ROOM" (my back yard).  Soon fall and winter routines continue and I become grateful that I don't have to caretake the yard and the break is welcome.
  • Cue winter schedules
  • Cue Christmas
  • Cue school routines
  • Cue everything that sucks up attention and time.

Spring arrives...
  • Cue warm sun, coaxing us back outside, back into that OTHER ROOM that lay neglected
  • Cue.  Every.  Single.  Job.  Ever.  Needed.  And. Do. It.  Now.  Before.  The.  Neighbors.  Hate.  You.

Goodbye Living room
Hello other room.

You need so much attention.

Is it too much?
Or is it "just right"?
Is it obligation
Or is it....

Calling me back outside to nature?
Put down the phone
Put down the lists
Put away the appointments

"Come back to nature
Come back to Me.
Let the wind blow and shake you
Let the sun control your body 
and make you smile
and make you sweat

Let the clouds 
amaze you
amuse you
Let the clock 
go unwatched 
Watch the time pass by 

Let the green grass be 
Vividly green
And the yellow dandelions be
In spite of themselves

Let the beans be the first to 
burst through the dry dirt
Let the tomatoes move from 
 spindly legs to
arms of steel
Ready to hold rosy treasures


And I don't want to miss a thing.

"The earth is the Lord's
And EVERYTHING in it."
Psalm 24:2

(....maybe even the tent caterpillars...)


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