The Importance Of Being Grounded

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur.  Months, maybe even!

Responsibilities and obligations have filled my days off,  keeping my fingers tied to my laptop and my nose aimed at the grindstone.

Easter week was amazing - family was here from out of province and we spent as many minutes as possible together, rediscovering each other, playing, shopping, creating adventures.  I love.

As soon as family left, I returned to work and worked all weekend - get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat, repeat.

And so, today, I look out my kitchen window and see that my back yard is mostly peeking through the snow.  The front yard is almost entirely clean - it's always first.

But my back yard - that's my happy place.  My other room. My summer house.  Neglected in winter, adored in the summer.

My creative juices are already planning and scheming for tasty vegetables, fun decorations and maybe even beautiful pictures.

I was daydreaming about summer the other day.  And I had this urge.

The urge to go barefoot
Feet touching the dirt.

Garden dirt
Sandy beaches
Leafy wooded trails
Freshly mowed lawn

Seems you return to the basics of life when barefoot.

You're grounded.

Nothing hidden.

Nothing fake or put on or pretentious.

Feet touching nature as if the dust returns life through the soles of your feet.

As winter has given way to spring and spring will give way to summer.....

As the frenetic winter gives way to fresh spring.....

As driven gives way to restoration.....

I think of all the things that keep me grounded.

Creativity - even if I'm the only person who thinks it's cool!  

Walking through the bush - THE BEST place to find your soul

I got the giggles here when the swing went higher than I expected!  Silly me

The calming noise of rushing water

The beauty of nature

Spending time in my kitchen

......things more creative than
to do charts
menu plans
and grocery lists

Making memories with those that I love

Praying that the coming season of spring and summer find you grounded doing what you love with people that you love.


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